Guoping Feng, Ph.D.

Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

SFARI Investigator, SFARI Scientific Review Board Website

Funded Projects

SFARI Funded Publications

A viral strategy for targeting and manipulating interneurons across vertebrate species. Dimidschstein J., Chen Q., Tremblay R., Rogers S.L., Saldi G.A., Guo L., Xu Q., Liu R., Lu C., Chu J., Avery M.C., Rashid M.S., Baek M., Jacob A.L., Smith G.B., Wilson D.E., Kosche G., Kruglikov I., Rusielewicz T., Kotak V.C., Mowery T.M., Anderson S.A., Callaway E.M., Dasen J.S., Fitzpatrick D., Fossati V., Long M.A., Noggle S., Reynolds J.H., Sanes D.H., Rudy B., Feng G., Fishell G.
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