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SFARI Gene is an evolving online database designed to permit quick entrée into the genetics of autism, and to help researchers track the ever-expanding genetic risk factors that emerge in the literature1,2.

The site provides several ways of accessing data on autism risk genes:

  • Human Gene Module lists 1,089 genes implicated in autism, with annotations and links to published papers.

  • Gene Scoring Module offers critical evaluation of the strength of the evidence for each gene’s association with autism. These gene scores are increasingly being used in the published literature3-11. 91 high-ranking autism risk genes (see Table 1) have so far been identified.

  • Copy Number Variant (CNV) Module lists 2,291 CNV loci reported in individuals with autism.

  • Animal Model Module lists 1,648 mouse lines and 367 rat lines, including genetic models, inbred lines, models induced by biological or chemical agents and rescue lines. Drosophila and zebrafish models have recently been added to the database, including 58 genes for Drosophila and 30 genes for zebrafish.

  • Protein Interaction Network (PIN) Module curates all protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid interactions reported in the literature.

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Table 1. Highest ranking autism risk genes (ranked according to the SFARI Gene scoring system).



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