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SFARI Gene is an evolving online database designed to permit quick entrée into the genetics of autism, and to help researchers track the ever-expanding genetic risk factors that emerge in the literature1,2.

The site provides several ways of accessing data on autism candidate genes:

  • Human Gene Module lists 1,007 genes implicated in autism, with annotations and links to published papers.
  • Animal Model Module lists 1,083 mouse lines and 240 rat lines, including genetic models, inbred lines, models induced by biological or chemical agents and rescue lines.
  • Protein Interaction Network (PIN) Module curates all protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid interactions reported in the literature.
  • Copy Number Variant (CNV) Module provides exhaustive detail on all CNVs reported in individuals with autism.
  • Gene Scoring Module offers critical evaluation of the strength of the evidence for each gene’s association with autism. These gene scores are increasingly being used in the published literature3-11. 84 high-ranking candidate risk genes (see Table 1) have so far been identified.

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Table 1. Highest ranking candidate autism risk genes (ranked according to SFARI Gene).


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