Funded Publications

Below is a list of publications and preprints generated with SFARI support. The list includes papers from SFARI-funded investigators as well as from researchers who used genetic/phenotypic data or biospecimens from the Simons Simplex Collection (SSC), Simons Searchlight, Simons Foundation Powering Autism Research for Knowledge (SPARK), the Autism Inpatient Collection or Autism BrainNet.

1182 Articles

An open resource of structural variation for medical and population genetics.

Collins R.L., Brand H., Karczewski K.J., Zhao X., Alföldi J., Francioli L.C., Khera A.V., Lowther C., Gauthier L.D., Wang H., Watts N.A., Solomonson M., O’Donnell-Luria A., Baumann A., Munshi R., Walker M., Whelan C., Huang Y., Brookings T., Sharpe T., Stone M.R., Valkanas E., Fu J., Tiao G., Laricchia K.M., Ruano-Rubio V., Stevens C., Gupta N., Margolin L., Taylor K.D., Lin H.J., Rich S.S., Post W., Chen Y.-D.I., Rotter J.I., Nusbaum C., Philippakis A., Lander E., Gabriel S., Neale B.M., Kathiresan S., Daly M., Banks E., MacArthur D.G., Talkowski M., Genome Aggregation Database Production team, Genome Aggregation Database Consortium.

Viral manipulation of functionally distinct neurons from mice to humans.

Vormstein-Schneider D.C., Lin J.D., Pelkey K.A., Chittajallu R., Guo B., Arias Garcia M., Sakopoulos S., Stevenson O., Schneider G., Zhang Q., Sharma J., Franken T.P., Smith J., Vogel I., Sanchez V., Ibrahim L.A., Burbridge T., Favuzzi E., Saldi G.A., Xu Q., Guo L., Yuan X., Zaghloul K.A., Sabri E., Goldberg E.M., Devinsky O., Batista-Brito R., Reynolds J., Feng G., Fu Z., McBain C.J., Fishell G., Dimidschstein J.

Research Highlights
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