FENS 2020 Virtual Forum: Presentations by SFARI Investigators

Image of Gaia Novarino
Gaia Novarino is a professor at the Institute of Science and Technology, Austria.
As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 12th FENS Forum of Neuroscience will be held online this year. From July 11 to July 15, conference registrants will be able to virtually attend all events that are scheduled in the FENS 2020 scientific program, including plenary lectures, symposia, workshops and posters. All presentations will be available on-demand for three months after the live forum.

A selection of presentations that will be given by current and former SFARI Investigators is highlighted below.

M. Albert Basson, Ph.D. (King’s College London)
Symposium lecture:
Molecular, cellular and circuit functions of the high-confidence autism-associated chromatin remodeller CHD8

Rui Costa, D.V.M., Ph.D. (Columbia University)
Plenary lecture:
Discovering, reinforcing and refining actions

Karl Deisseroth, M.D., Ph.D. (Howard Hughes Medical Institute/ Stanford University)
Hertie Foundation lecture:
New approaches to studying intact brain structure and function

Catherine Dulac, Ph.D. (Howard Hughes Medical Institute/ Harvard University)
Symposium lecture:
Neuromodulation of social behavior circuits

Sung Han, Ph.D. (Salk Institute for Biological Studies)
Symposium lecture:
From the spinal cord to the amygdala: Dissecting affective pain pathways

Denis Jabaudon, M.D., Ph.D. (University of Geneva)
Symposium lecture:
Epigenetic control of cortical progenitor identity progression

Liqun Luo, Ph.D. (Howard Hughes Medical Institute/ Stanford University)
Symposium lecture:
Organization of monoamine neuromodulatory systems in the mouse brain

Christian Lüscher, M.D., Ph.D. (University of Geneva)
Symposium lecture:
A circuit model of addiction: From cellular mechanisms to novel therapies

Special Interest event: The brain debate – “Which brains are we studying?”

Guo-Li Ming, M.D., Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania)
Special Interest event: The brain debate – “Which brains are we studying?”

Gaia Novarino, Ph.D. (Institute of Science and Technology Austria)
Symposium lecture:
Using human genetics and animal models to develop therapeutic strategies for autism

Special interest event: Starting and midcareer PI hurdles
Mobility for early and mid-career neuroscientists

Carla Shatz, Ph.D. (Stanford University)
Max Cowan special lecture:
Synapses lost and found: Developmental critical periods and Alzheimer’s disease

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