Robert Malenka, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor, Stanford University

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Loss of the neural-specific BAF subunit ACTL6B relieves repression of early response genes and causes recessive autism. Wenderski W., Wang L., Krokhotin A., Walsh J.J., Li H., Shoji H., Ghosh S., George R.D., Miller E.L., Elias L., Gillespie M.A., Son E.Y., Staahl B.T., Baek S.T., Stanley V., Moncada C., Shipony Z., Linker S.B., Marchetto M.C.N., Gage F.H., Chen D., Sultan T., Zaki M.S., Ranish J.A., Miyakawa T., Luo L., Malenka R., Crabtree G., Gleeson J.
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