New zebrafish lines added to SFARI resources

Jay Patel / Wellcome Collection. CC BY

Two new zebrafish models hosting mutations in the DYNC1H1 and MEF2C (mef2ca and mef2cb) genes have been added to SFARI resources to study autism spectrum disorder (ASD). These models complement existing lines in high-confidence ASD risk genes ARID1B, CHD8, FMR1, MECP2, PTEN and SCN1A/SCN2A that are currently curated by SFARI.

Additional zebrafish models with mutations in CNTNAP2, DYRK1A, GRIN2B, NRXN1, SHANK3 and SYNGAP1 are expected to be available later this year or early in 2022.

All zebrafish models curated by SFARI have been validated by directly measuring mRNA or protein levels (where antibodies are available) rather than by assessing phenotype. These lines are deposited in the Zebrafish International Resource Center (ZIRC). With the introduction of these resources, SFARI hopes to promote and further facilitate research into the biological mechanisms underlying mutations linked to ASD and potential therapeutic targets.

Investigators interested in using these zebrafish models for their research should contact ZIRC for additional information. For general information regarding SFARI’s experimental models, please contact [email protected].

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