Kathryn Roeder, Ph.D.

UPMC Professor of Statistics and Life Sciences and Vice Provost, Carnegie Mellon University

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Kathryn Roeder is the UPMC Professor of Statistics and Life Sciences in the Department of Statistics and Data Science and vice provost for faculty at Carnegie Mellon University.

Roeder has developed statistical and machine learning methods in a wide spectrum of areas, including high-dimensional data problems. Her work focuses on statistical genetics and the genetic basis of complex disease. Recently, her group developed tools for identifying autism risk genes from de novo mutations as well as associated gene networks.

She is one of the leaders of the Autism Sequencing Consortium, an international organization dedicated to discovering the genetic etiology of autism. She received the Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies (COPSS) Presidents’ Award and the COPSS Snedecor Award for outstanding work in statistical applications, two of the most prestigious awards in her field.

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Funded Projects

SFARI Funded Publications

Whole-genome and RNA sequencing reveal variation and transcriptomic coordination in the developing human prefrontal cortex. Werling D., Pochareddy S., Choi J., An J-Y., Sheppard B., Peng M., Li Z., Dastmalchi C., Santpere G., Sousa A.M.M., Tebbenkamp A.T.N., Kaur N., Gulden F.O., Breen M.S., Liang L., Gilson M.C., Zhao X., Dong S., Klei L., Cicek A. E., Buxbaum J., Adle-Biassette H., Thomas J-L., Aldinger K.A., O’Day D.R., Glass I.A., Zaitlen N.A., Talkowski M., Roeder K., State M., Devlin B., Sanders S., Sestan N.
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