Bernie Devlin, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh

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Bernie Devlin is a professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine. His lab has three major foci: development or refinement of statistical methods for the analysis of genetic and allied data, implementation of such methods to discover the genetic basis of disease and related phenotypes, and translation of those findings to understand the neurobiology underlying neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders.

On the statistical front, the lab’s major efforts involve methods appropriate for large-scale genetic studies, including association studies from common and rare variation, in addition to functional studies, such as gene expression and protein-protein interaction. Much of Devlin’s empirical work targets such studies, with an emphasis on characterizing the genetic basis and neurobiology of autism spectrum disorder and schizophrenia.

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Funded Projects

SFARI Funded Publications

Systematic evaluation of genome sequencing as a first-tier diagnostic test for prenatal and pediatric disorders. Lowther C., Valkanas E., Giordano J.L., Wang H.Z., Currall B.B., O'Keefe K., Pierce-Hoffman E., Kurtas N., Whelan C.W., Hao S.P., Weisburd B., Jalili V., Fu J., Wong I., Collins R.L., Zhao X., Austin-Tse C.A., Evangelista E., Lemire G., Aggarwal V.S., Lucente D., Gauthier L.D., Tolonen C., Sahakian N., Stevens C., An J.-Y., Dong S., Norton M.E., MacKenzie T., Devlin B., Gilmore K., Powell B., Brandt A., Vetrini F., DiVito M., Sanders S., MacArthur D.G., Hodge J.C., O'Donnell-Luria A.H., Rehm H.L., Vora N.L., Levy B., Brand H., Wapner R., Talkowski M.
Rare coding variation provides insight into the genetic architecture and phenotypic context of autism. Fu J.M., Satterstrom F.K., Peng M., Brand H., Collins R.L., Dong S., Wamsley B., Klei L., Wang L., Hao S.P., Stevens C.R., Cusick C., Babadi M., Banks E., Collins B., Dodge S., Gabriel S.B., Gauthier L., Lee S.K., Liang L., Ljungdahl A., Mahjani B., Sloofman L., Smirnov A., Barbosa M., Betancur C., Brusco A., Chung B.H.Y., Cook E. H., Cuccaro M.L., Domenici E., Ferrero G.B., Gargus J.J., Herman G.E., Hertz-Picciotto I., Maciel P., Manoach D., Passos-Bueno M.R., Persico A.M., Renieri A., Sutcliffe J., Tassone F., Trabetti E., Campos G., Cardaropoli S., Carli D., Chan M.C.Y., Fallerini C., Giorgio E., Girardi A.C., Hansen-Kiss E., Lee S.L., Lintas C., Ludena Y., Nguyen R., Pavinato L., Pericak-Vance M., Pessah I.N., Schmidt R. J., Smith M., Souza C.I.S., Trajkova S., Wang J.Y.T., Yu M.H.C., Autism Sequencing Consortium (ASC), Broad Institute Center for Common Disease Genomics (Broad-CCDG), iPSYCH-BROAD Consortium, Cutler D.J., Rubeis S.D., Buxbaum J., Daly M., Devlin B., Roeder K., Sanders S., Talkowski M.
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