Tychele Turner, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis

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Tychele Turner is an assistant professor in the Department of Genetics at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. She is a geneticist/genomicist with a deep interest in understanding the genetic architecture of human disease.

Turner’s research to date has focused on sex bias in neurodevelopmental disorders, the contribution of de novo and rare inherited variation, clustering of disease mutations, precision genomics in neurodevelopmental disorders — particularly through the utilization of long-read sequencing and other advanced genomic technologies — and understanding the consequences of noncoding variation in the human genome.

Turner’s long standing and specific research interest is in the area of autism. There are common or shared scientific research outcomes within the field of genomics, including identifying genes, understanding molecular consequences and moving toward therapeutics as appropriate. The Turner lab and research team are committed to being “agents of change” and to help move research forward, collaboratively, with integrity and priority for individuals and their families.

Turner received her Ph.D. in human genetics and molecular biology from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and completed postdoctoral work in the Department of Genome Sciences at the University of Washington.

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SFARI Funded Publications

Integrating de novo and inherited variants in 42,607 autism cases identifies mutations in new moderate-risk genes. Zhou X., Feliciano P., Shu C., Wang T., Astrovskaya I., Hall J., Obiajulu J.U., Wright J., Murali S., Xuming Xu S., Brueggeman L., Thomas T.R., Marchenko O., Fleisch C., Barns S.D., Green Snyder L., Han B., Chang T.S., Turner T., Harvey W.T., Nishida A., O'Roak B., Geschwind D., SPARK Consortium, Michaelson J., Volfovsky N., Eichler E., Shen Y., Chung W.
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