Evan E. Eichler, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Genome Sciences and Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Washington, Seattle

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Evan Eichler is a professor of genome sciences at the University of Washington in Seattle and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator. He received his Ph.D. from Baylor College of Medicine. After his postdoctoral fellowship at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, he joined Case Western Reserve University in 1997 and the University of Washington in 2004. His research group provided the first genome-wide view of segmental duplications within human and primate genomes. He is a leader in identifying and sequencing normal and disease-causing structural variation in the human genome. The long-term goal of his research is to understand the evolution and mechanisms of recent gene duplication and its relationship to copy number variation and human disease with a specific emphasis on the genetic architecture of autism and neurodevelopmental delay.

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Funded Projects

SFARI Funded Publications

Integrating de novo and inherited variants in over 42,607 autism cases identifies mutations in new moderate risk genes. Zhou X., Feliciano P., Wang T., Astrovskaya I., Shu C., Hall J.B., Obiajulu J.U., Wright J., Murali S., Xu S.X., Brueggeman L., Thomas T.R., Marchenko O., Fleisch C., Barns S.D., Green Snyder L., Han B., Chang T.S., Turner T.N., Harvey W., Nishida A., O'Roak B., Geschwind D., the SPARK Consortium, Michaelson J., Volfovsky N., Eichler E., Shen Y., Chung W.
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