Mayada Elsabbagh, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, McGill University

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SFARI Funded Publications

Non-ASD outcomes at 36 months in siblings at familial risk for autism spectrum disorder (ASD): A baby siblings research consortium (BSRC) study. Charman T., Young G.S., Brian J., Carter A., Carver L.J., Chawarska K., Curtin S., Dobkins K., Elsabbagh M., Georgiades S., Hertz-Picciotto I., Hutman T., Iverson J.M., Jones E., Landa R., Macari S., Messinger D.S., Nelson C., Ozonoff S., Saulnier C., Stone W.L., Tager-Flusberg H., Webb S. J., Yirmiya N., Zwaigenbaum L.
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