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Rosanna Weksberg, M.D., Ph.D.

Clinical Geneticist, The Hospital for Sick Children
Professor of Pediatrics and Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto

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Rosanna Weksberg is a clinical geneticist at the Hospital for Sick Children and professor of pediatrics and molecular genetics at the University of Toronto.

Her research focuses on the identification of epigenetic alterations associated with human disease, specifically in the areas of growth and neurodevelopment, including autism. In addition, her research addresses the effects of environmental exposures, including therapeutic agents, on the epigenotype.

Weksberg has more than 250 publications and is currently funded by the Canadian Institute of Health Research, and the Ontario Brain Institute. She is an associate editor for the American Journal of Medical Genetics.

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Funded Projects

SFARI Funded Publications

Genomic architecture of autism from comprehensive whole-genome sequence annotation. Trost B., Thiruvahindrapuram B., Chan A.J.S., Engchuan W., Higginbotham E.J., Howe J.L., Loureiro L.O., Reuter M.S., Roshandel D., Whitney J., Zarrei M., Bookman M., Somerville C., Shaath R., Abdi M., Aliyev E., Patel R.V., Nalpathamkalam T., Pellecchia G., Hamdan O., Kaur G., Wang Z., MacDonald J.R., Wei J., Sung W.W.L., Lamoureux S., Hoang N., Selvanayagam T., Deflaux N., Geng M., Ghaffari S., Bates J., Young E.J., Ding Q., Shum C., D'Abate L., Bradley C.A., Rutherford A., Aguda V., Apresto B., Chen N., Desai S., Du X., Fong M.L.Y., Pullenayegum S., Samler K., Wang T., Ho K., Paton T., Pereira S.L., Herbrick J.-A., Wintle R.F., Fuerth J., Noppornpitak J., Ward H., Magee P., Al Baz A., Kajendirarajah U., Kapadia S., Vlasblom J., Valluri M., Green J., Seifer V., Quirbach M., Rennie O., Kelley E., Masjedi N., Lord C., Szego M.J., Zawati M.H., Lang M., Strug L.J., Marshall C.R., Costain G., Calli K., Iaboni A., Yusuf A., Ambrozewicz P., Gallagher L., Amaral D., Brian J., Elsabbagh M., Georgiades S., Messinger D.S., Ozonoff S., Sebat J., Sjaarda C.P., Smith I.M., Szatmari P., Zwaigenbaum L., Kushki A., Frazier T., Vorstman J.A.S., Fakhro K.A., Fernandez B.A., Lewis M.E.S., Weksberg R., Fiume M., Yuen R.K.C., Anagnostou E., Sondheimer N., Glazer D., Hartley D.M., Scherer S. W.
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