Randy Buckner, Ph.D.

Professor, Harvard University

SFARI Investigator, SFARI Scientific Review Board Website

Randy Buckner is a professor of psychology and neuroscience at Harvard University and the director of the Psychiatric Neuroimaging Research Division at the Massachusetts General Hospital, and is affiliated with the Center for Brain Science .

Buckner’s work centers around the use of neuroimaging and computational approaches to explore the network organization of the human brain and, more recently, the development of tools to analyze links between brain, genetic and behavioral data. Using these tools, his group focuses on understanding how the brain supports high-level cognition and on elucidating how cognitive dysfunction leads to neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric illness.

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Funded Projects

SFARI Funded Publications

Quantifying the effects of 16p11.2 copy number variants on brain structure: A multisite genetic-first study. Martin-Brevet S., Rodriguez-Herreros B., Nielsen J.A., Moreau C., Modenato C., Maillard A.M., Pain A., Richetin S., Jonch A.E., Qureshi A.Y., Zurcher N.R., Conus P., 16p11.2 European Consortium, Simons Variation in Individuals Project (VIP) Consortium, Chung W., Sherr E., Spiro J., Kherif F., Beckmann J.S., Hadjikhani N., Reymond A., Buckner R., Draganski B., Jacquemont S.
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