Pamela Ventola, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Yale University

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Pamela Ventola is a clinical psychologist and assistant professor at the Yale Child Study Center. Her clinical work and research program focus on behavioral treatment for ASD, specifically Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT). She currently has several studies investigating both neural-systems level and behavioral outcomes of PRT. Specifically, she is collaborating with Fred Shic (University of Washington) on a SFARI-funded study examining concurrent and predictive relationships between eye tracking and clinical outcome during a 16-week PRT trial, and she is conducting a project on sex-based differences in ASD treatment response. For the current project, she will collaborate with Kevin Pelphrey and Shic to assess the effects of oxytocin as an enhancer of response to PRT using behavioral outcomes, eye tracking and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI).

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