André Fenton, Ph.D.

Professor, Center for Neural Science, New York University

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André Fenton is a professor of neural science at New York University. His research focuses on molecular, neural, behavioral and computational aspects of memory. He studies how brains store experiences as memories and how the expression of knowledge activates information that is relevant without activating what is irrelevant. His lab recordings of electrical brain activity are elucidating the physiology of cognitive control and cognitive dysfunction in schizophrenia, intellectual disability and autism. In an effort to integrate investigations and understanding across levels of biological organization, the Fenton lab uses genetic, molecular, electrophysiological, imaging, behavioral, engineering and theoretical methods to investigate these fundamental and interrelated issues in neuroscience.

Fenton and colleagues identified PKMzeta as the first molecule that maintains the persistence of memories in the brain, a discovery recognized by Science Magazine as one of the 10 most important breakthroughs in all of science and technology published in 2006. Fenton founded Bio-Signal Group Corp., which developed and commercialized an FDA-approved portable, wireless and easy-to-use platform for obtaining medical quality electroencephalograms (EEGs) anywhere, anytime and for everyone. It is being used in innovative clinical applications including emergency medicine, sports, space exploration and underserved clinics in Africa. Fenton also co-hosts NOVA Wonderson PBS.

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