Headshot of SFARI Investigator Alessandro Gozzi.

Alessandro Gozzi, Ph.D.

Group Leader, Italian Institute of Technology

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Alessandro Gozzi is a senior scientist and director of the functional neuroimaging laboratory at the Italian Institute of Technology in Rovereto, Italy. The Gozzi lab focuses on the study of the functional organization of the mammalian brain at the macroscale. A major goal of Gozzi’s research is to unravel the neural basis and dynamic organization of large-scale functional connectivity and the underpinnings of its disruption in developmental conditions like autism. The Gozzi lab addresses these questions via the combination of cutting-edge functional magnetic resonance imaging mapping with genetic and neural manipulations in the living mouse brain.

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Funded Projects

SFARI Funded Publications

D-aspartate oxidase gene duplication induces social recognition memory deficit in mice and intellectual disabilities in humans. Lombardo B., Pagani M., De Rosa A., Nunziato M., Migliarini S., Garofalo M., Terrile M., D'Argenio V., Galbusera A., Nuzzo T., Ranieri A., Vitale A., Leggiero E., Di Maio A., Barsotti N., Borello U., Napolitano F., Mandarino A., Carotenuto M., Heresco-Levy U.,, Pasqualetti M., Malatesta P., Gozzi A., Errico F., Salvatore F., Pastore L., Usiello A.
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