Suma Jacob, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor, University of Minnesota

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Suma Jacob is the Gloria and Dr. Martin Segal Family Professor at the University of Minnesota (UMN). She is a child-adolescent-adult psychiatrist and neuroscientist with expertise in autism and other conditions that affect rigid, inflexible behaviors and social functioning. She is a co-director at the Converging Approaches to Neurodevelopment Lab that is focused on clinical research on autism, tic and related conditions, as well as an associate director of the UMN Medical Scientist Training Program.

Jacob has funding to use data-driven approaches to investigate biobehavioral differences in early childhood that predict dimensional and categorical disorder outcomes. With collaborators, she is exploring alternative statistical and machine learning computational approaches to identify differences in developmental outcomes, decision and functional abilities, and brain-behavioral profiles across the lifespan.

Her early work explored genetic and neuroendocrine biomarkers and her current research focuses on phenotypic measurement across neurodevelopmental conditions and their trajectories. In addition to having been a site-PI for SPARK for more than seven years, Jacob collaborates on implementation research projects and international and national clinical trials for neurodevelopmental conditions.

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