Stephen Sheinkopf, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Brown University

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Autism heterogeneity in a densely sampled U.S. population: Results from the first 1,000 participants in the RI-CART study. McCormick C.E.B., Kavanaugh B.C., Sipsock D., Righi G., Oberman L.M., Moreno De Luca D., Gamsiz Uzun E.D., Best C.R., Jerskey B.A., Quinn J.G., Jewel S.B., Wu P.C., McLean R.L., Levine T.P., Tokadjian H., Perkins K.A., Clarke E.B., Dunn B., Gerber A.H., Tenenbaum E.J., Anders T.F., Rhode Island Consortium for Autism Research and Treatment (RI-CART), Sheinkopf S., Morrow E.
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