Juhi Pandey, Ph.D.

Pediatric Neuropsychologist, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

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Walking, gross motor development and brain functional connectivity in infants and toddlers. Marrus N., Eggebrecht A.T., Todorov A., Elison J., Wolff J.J., Cole L., Gao W., Pandey J., Shen M.D., Swanson M.R., Emerson R.W., Klohr C.L., Adams C.M., Estes A.M., Zwaigenbaum L., Botteron K., McKinstry R.C., Constantino J., Evans A. C., Hazlett H., Dager S., Paterson S.J., Schultz R., Styner M.A., Gerig G., IBIS Network, Schlaggar B., Piven J., Pruett J.R., Jr.
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