Ellen Hoffman

Ellen Hoffman, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Child Study Center, Yale University School of Medicine

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Ellen Hoffman is an assistant professor and child psychiatrist at the Yale Child Study Center.

The focus of research in the Hoffman laboratory is to understand the biological mechanisms underlying autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and to discover new pharmacological treatments. To accomplish this, the Hoffman laboratory uses zebrafish as a model system to investigate the function of ASD risk genes in the developing vertebrate brain and the neural circuits underlying simple behaviors. They also perform high-throughput pharmacological screens in this model system. The long-term goal is to use this approach to identify relevant biological pathways and novel pharmacological treatments for ASD.

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Funded Projects

SFARI Funded Publications

High-throughput functional analysis of autism genes in zebrafish identifies convergence in dopaminergic and neuroimmune pathways. Weinschutz Mendes H., Neelakantan U., Liu Y., Fitzpatrick S.E., Chen T., Wu W., Pruitt A., Jin D.S., Jamadagni P., Carlson M., Lacadie C.M., Enriquez K.D., Li N., Zhao D., Ijaz S., Sakai C., Szi C., Rooney B., Ghosh M., Nwabudike I., Gorodezky A., Chowdhury S., Zaheer M., McLaughlin S., Fernandez J.M., Wu J., Eilbott J.A., Vander Wyk B., Rihel J., Papademetris X., Wang Z., Hoffman E.
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