Postponing the launch of the upcoming RFA on Genomics of ASD

Earlier this year we announced here that this summer we would be issuing a request for applications (RFA) for the Genomics of ASD grants. However, as we have occasionally done in the past, this summer the SFARI science team will regroup to evaluate our entire grant portfolio to identify gaps where SFARI funding is likely to create the most impact. To allow sufficient time for these activities we have decided to postpone the 2023 Genomics of ASD RFA.

SFARI April 2023 Announcements: Wendy Chung appointed as chief of the Department of Pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital, SFARI workshop on sensory differences in autism and more

This issue of the SFARI newsletter includes: (1) endy Chung appointed as chief of the Department of Pediatrics at Boston Children's Hospital, (2) SFARI workshop on sensory differences in autism, (3) 2022 Genomics of ASD awardees announced, (4) SFARI at INSAR 2023, (5) Highlights of SFARI-funded research, (6) 2023 Human Cognitive and Behavioral Science — Request for applications, (6) Simon Foundation Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Neuroscience (SURFiN), (7) 2023 Cross-Species Studies of ASD — Request for applications.

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Simons Foundation Accepting Applications for Neuroscience Undergraduate Research Fellowships

The Simons Foundation is now accepting applications from undergraduate students to participate in the Shenoy Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Neuroscience, or SURFiN, for the 2023–2024 academic year. The program’s goal is to spark and sustain interest in neuroscience among undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds underrepresented in neuroscience research. SURFiN is a joint initiative from the Simons Collaboration on the Global Brain (SCGB), the Simons Collaboration on Plasticity and the Aging Brain (SCPAB) and the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI).

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