Neuroscience 2016: Presentations by SFARI Investigators

A selection of presentations that will be given by SFARI Investigators at Neuroscience 2016 in San Diego (November 12-16) is highlighted below.

Sandeep Robert Datta, M.D., Ph.D. (Harvard University)
Minisymposium presentation:
Behavioral characterization through motion sequencing

Cagla Eroglu, Ph.D. (Duke University)
Minisymposium presentation:
Control of synaptic connectivity by astrocytes

Christina Gross, Ph.D. (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center)
Minisymposium presentation:
PI3K subunit expression in Fragile X syndrome and other autism spectrum disorders

Bo Li, Ph.D. (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)
Symposium presentation:
Dissecting the role of the habenula-projecting globus pallidus in behavioral reinforcement

Brian O’Roak, Ph.D. (Oregon Health & Science University)
Minisymposium presentation:
Unlocking autism’s genetic etiology: lessons learned from new mutations

Nenad Sestan, Ph.D. (Yale University)
Nanosymposium presentation:
Functional genomics of human brain development and autism spectrum disorder

Hongjun Song, Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins University)
Symposium presentation:
Role of epigenetic DNA modifications in synaptic plasticity and brain disorders

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