Neuroscience 2015: Presentations by SFARI Investigators

A selection of lectures and symposium presentations that will be given by SFARI Investigators at Neuroscience 2015 in Chicago is highlighted below.

Karl Deisseroth, M.D., Ph.D. (Howard Hughes Medical Institute/ Stanford University)
Symposium presentation:
All-optical neurophysiology in the awake mouse

Loren Frank, Ph.D. (Howard Hughes Medical Institute/ University of California, San Francisco)
Symposium presentation:
Rapidly alternating representations of present and past in hippocampal-cortical networks

Christopher Harvey, Ph.D.  (Harvard Medical School)
Minisymposium presentation:
Neuronal microcircuit dynamics in the mouse parietal cortex

Z. Josh Huang, Ph.D. (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)
Special lecture:
Genetic dissection of neocortical circuits

Kimberly Huber, Ph.D. (University of Texas Southwestern)
Symposium presentation:
Disrupted Homer scaffolds mediate abnormal signaling to the mTOR pathway in a mouse model of autism

Eric Klann, Ph.D. (New York University)
Symposium presentation:
Dysregulated translation in neurodevelopmental disorders

Beth Stevens, Ph.D. (Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School)
Presidential special lecture:
Immune mechanisms of synapse loss in health and disease

Thomas C. Südhof, M.D. (Howard Hughes Medical Institute/ Stanford University)
Presidential special lecture:
The molecular logic of neural circuits: Implications for autism and schizophrenia

Lawrence Zipursky, Ph.D. (Howard Hughes Medical Institute/ University of California, Los Angeles)
Symposium presentation:
Cell recognition and the assembly of neural circuits

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