Robin Goin-Kochel, Ph.D.

Associate Director for Research, Autism Center, Texas Children’s Hospital
Associate Professor, Baylor College of Medicine

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SFARI Funded Publications

A genetics-first approach to dissecting the heterogeneity of autism: Phenotypic comparison of autism risk copy number variants. Chawner S.J.R.A., Doherty J.L., Anney R., Antshel K.M., Bearden C., Bernier R., Chung W., Clements C.C., Curran S.R., Cuturilo G., Fiksinski A.M., Gallagher L., Goin-Kochel R., Gur R.E., Hanson E., Jacquemont S., Kates W.R., Kushan L., Maillard A.M., McDonald-McGinn D.M., Mihaljevic M., Miller J.S., Moss H., Pejovic-Milovancevic M., Schultz R., Green Snyder L., Vorstman J.A., Wenger T.L., IMAGINE-ID Consortium, Hall J., Owen M.J., van den Bree M.B.M.
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