Headshot of SFARI Investigator Brian Kalish.

Brian Kalish, Ph.D.

Director of Neonatology and Research Scientist-Track Investigator, The Hospital for Sick Children
Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

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Brian Kalish is a neuroscientist at the SickKids Research Institute, a newborn intensive care physician at the Hospital for Sick Children and an assistant professor in the Departments of Paediatrics and Molecular Genetics at the University of Toronto. He studied at Johns Hopkins University and Harvard Medical School prior to completing his clinical training at Boston Children’s Hospital and the Harvard Program in Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine. He completed postdoctoral research in neurobiology with Michael Greenberg at Harvard Medical School.

Kalish was recruited to SickKids and the University of Toronto in January 2021. His laboratory focuses on the cellular mechanisms by which early life experience and environmental exposures shape neurodevelopment. The Kalish lab leverages spatial and single-cell genomics, mouse models and human brain tissue to discover new avenues to protect the fetal and newborn brain.

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