Autism Rat Models Consortium RFA: Informational session

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Alice Luo Clayton, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, SFARI

Peter Kind, Ph.D., Director, Simons Initiative for the Developing Brain, University of Edinburgh

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On July 26, SFARI hosted an informational session on the Autism Rat Models Consortium request for applications (RFA).

About the Webinar

The Autism Rat Models Consortium RFA opened on July 6, 2021. Grants supported through the RFA are intended to support a consortium of investigators to collaboratively use SFARI autism rat models to examine the biological basis of complex behaviors and the underlying neural circuits relevant for autism. Investigators funded through this RFA are expected to work collaboratively as a research consortium. This includes actively contributing to the intellectual pursuits of the consortium and adhering to an open-science ethos by sharing data among members throughout the grant period.

On July 26, SFARI senior scientist Alice Luo Clayton, and Peter Kind, director of the Simons Initiative for the Developing Brain (SIDB) at the University of Edinburgh presented the goals and objectives of this new funding opportunity and be available to answer questions from potential applicants.

About the Speakers

Alice Luo Clayton is a senior scientist at SFARI. Her role involves managing programs related to neural circuits and behavior in animal models and human cohorts. She contributes to the development and availability of rodent models of autism, and oversees the Bridge to Independence Award program.

Peter Kind is director of the Simons Initiative for the Developing Brain; co-director of the Patrick Wild Centre for Research into Autism, Fragile X Syndrome and Intellectual Disability; and professor of developmental neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh. His research uses a range of electrophysiological and imagining techniques to examine the functional, morphological and behavioral phenotypes associated with rodent (mouse and rat) models of single gene causes of autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disabilities.

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