Autism BrainNet: Whole-genome sequencing data now available


Whole-genome sequencing data are now available for 58 brains from the Autism BrainNet collection. All cases that are part of this release have either a confirmed diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or mutations in ASD risk genes.

Tissue was processed at the New York Genome Center (NYGC). This first data release contained information on 30x whole-genome sequencing as well as mitochondrial and variant analysis. Data for an additional 48 brains will be made available by early spring 2022.

Moving forward, Autism BrainNet and the NYGC plan to perform 30x genome and 100x exome sequencing on all existing and future donations made to Autism BrainNet. Data are expected to be released on a quarterly basis.

In addition to the newly released genomic data, phenotypic data are available for all donors in the Autism BrainNet collection. Interested researchers can request access to either genomic or phenotypic data, as well as brain tissue, through SFARI Base.

More information about brains in the collection can be found in the Autism BrainNet Tissue Catalogue.

More information about the tissue and data request process can be found here.

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