Reminder about SFARI’s acknowledgment policy

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The Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI) would like to remind all investigators who have received SFARI funding and/or who use SFARI resources, biospecimens or data to please acknowledge this in all relevant preprints and publications.

Acknowledgment of SFARI funding should include the award number for the relevant grant (and the initials of the Principal Investigator(s) who the grant was awarded to). The exact wording is as follows:

“This work was supported by a grant from SFARI (Grant Number, Awardee Initials).”

All SFARI-funded investigators and non-SFARI-funded investigators who use data (including phenotypic, imaging and/or genetic data), recruitment services or biospecimens from SFARI cohorts (including the Simons Simplex Collection, Simons Searchlight, SPARK and the Autism Inpatient Collection) or Autism BrainNet should also specifically acknowledge this. The exact wording depends on the particular data/resource that has been used. Investigators should refer to SFARI’s Acknowledgment Policy for further information.

We would also appreciate it if investigators could inform SFARI of all future preprints and publications that result from SFARI funding and/or that use SFARI data and resources. You can do so by either reaching out to your science manager (in the case of SFARI-funded investigators) or by contacting [email protected].

A list of all preprints and publications that acknowledge SFARI funding and/or the use of SFARI data and resources can be found here.

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