Omar Khwaja, M.D., Ph.D.

Translational Medicine Leader in Neuroscience, Roche Pharmaceuticals

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Omar Khwaja, is head of rare diseases at Roche Pharmaceutical Research and Early Development. An experienced drug developer, Khwaja is a pediatric neurologist with specialized skills in critical care, fetal-neonatal neurology and neurogenetics. 

His research background includes pediatrics, neonatology, human genetics and neurosciences as well as developmental neurobiology. He has significant experience in clinical-translational research specifically related to diseases of the developing brain and monogenetic and rare diseases. 

Prior to his current role in industry, he designed and implemented novel neurotherapeutic strategies for Rett syndrome and associated autism spectrum disorders in addition to his clinical and academic responsibilities. His goals are to continue to develop innovative translational medicine strategies that will deliver safe and effective treatments for diseases with high unmet medical need in rare diseases, pediatric and neurodevelopmental disorders, and neurology.

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