Biospecimen Prices

The following price list is provided for information and planning purposes.

Transactions for the purchases of samples are handled directly by RUCDR Infinite Biologics (formerly Rutgers University Cell and DNA Repository).

Information about how to request biospecimens is available here.

Cell Lines and Fibroblasts
Initiation of live culture (per cell line) $60.55
Cryopreserved ampoule on dry ice (per box of 96 ampoules, 1.5 million cells per ampoule) $111.67
DNA Distributions (Individual Aliquots)
DNA Aliquots 1-35 samples

• Each distribution will incur a shipping charge of $59.63.

• For over 35 samples, the 96-well plate distribution charge ($1,650.00) applies.

DNA Distributions (96-well plates)
First set of plates (price per plate) $1,873.01
Second set of identical plates (price per plate) $990.00
Third and subsequent sets of identical plates (price per plate) $825.00
Plasma Distributions
200 µl vial:

• Processing of request list to verify accuracy and availability of requested samples

• Retrieval of sample from -80 ºC storage

• Inventory, in boxes for shipping

• Preparation of hard copy and electronic data file for investigator, cross-referenced with study ID numbers

Shipment (per package):

• FedEx dry ice shipment of package containing frozen plasma samples

• Prior notification of shipment to investigator


Note: Prices include shipping within the continental United States. International shipping costs are not included.

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