Image of Zhuzhu Zhang

Zhuzhu Zhang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, University of Chicago

SFARI Investigator Website

Zhuzhu Zhang is an assistant professor at the University of Chicago. She is broadly interested in understanding the epigenetic and transcriptional regulation in the mammalian brain at single-cell resolution, using both experimental and computational approaches. Specifically, Zhang studies the neuronal cell types and functions in the brain and investigates their molecular signatures in the context of neural pathways and circuits by developing and deploying novel single cell multi-omics approaches. She plans to further investigate cell type- and circuit-specific epigenetic regulations in normal postnatal brain development and in neurodevelopmental disorders and explore epigenetic mechanisms that underlie genotype-environment (GxE) interaction.

Zhang received her Ph.D. in computational biology and bioinformatics in 2014 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she studied the influence of chromatin state on transcriptional regulation. She also received an M.S. in statistics at UNC, M.S. in developmental biology at Purdue University, and M.S. in biochemistry at Lanzhou University in China.

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