Toni Claire Tacorda

2023 SURFiN Fellow, University of Houston

Mentor: Gerarda Cappuccio (Maletic-Savatic Lab)

Toni Claire Tacorda is an undergraduate student at the University of Houston, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in biotechnology with a focus on bioinformatics. She is actively engaged on campus and is a proud member of the Gamma Sigma chapter of Delta Gamma, the Society for Biological Engineering and the Filipino Student Association. Her fascination for scientific research began during her high school Capstone program, where she conducted a phenomenological study on the susceptibility of drug addiction in adolescents. She plans to use SURFiN to advance her research skills under the guidance of her mentor, Gerarda Cappuccio, in the Maletic-Savatic Lab at Baylor College of Medicine. Her dream is to enter the pharmaceutical industry as a scientist and contribute to advancing drug development.

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