Simone Thom

Simone Thom

2023 SURFiN Fellow, University of Miami

Mentor: Millie Rogers (Dallman Lab)

Simone Thom is a health science: pre-physical therapy student at the University of Miami, with minors in business entrepreneurship and sports medicine. Simone’s interest in neuroscience stems from her younger brother, Dillon, who is on the autism spectrum. It is this connection that sparked her curiosity in neuroscience and drives her desire to delve deeper into the subject. Simone hopes to gain insights into Dillon’s experiences and develop a comprehensive understanding of the neurological mechanisms underlying his condition through participation in the Dallman Lab.

Simone’s long-term goal is to open her own physical therapy clinic, providing personalized care for individuals with differing abilities. By combining her expertise in physical therapy with knowledge in neuroscience, she hopes to revolutionize treatment approaches and become a familiar face for African Americans and for all of her patients.

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