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Solution Concepts New Year 2024
SFARI’s plans for requests for grant applications 2024

To ensure that our funding is as impactful as possible, SFARI will be undergoing a strategic planning process in the first half of 2024. We have thus adjusted our request for applications (RFA) schedule to ensure that the SFARI science team can devote sufficient time and energy to this effort. In 2024, we will hold the Bridge to Independence (BTI) RFA, and one call for Pilot Awards, in tandem with a call for continuation funding for former Pilot Award grantees whose projects have been successful. We will also hold a targeted RFA on Bridging Early Neurodevelopment and Emerging Neural Circuits, as well as a call for proposals for an updated version of SFARI Gene.

Updates to SFARI’s requests for grant applications for 2023

To further our goal of funding the best and most transformative research on autism, SFARI strives to strike a balance between open requests for grant applications (RFAs) on any autism-related topic and more targeted RFAs focused on top priorities identified by SFARI. In 2023, we will hold two calls for Pilot Awards and will reissue the Human Cognitive and Behavioral Science RFA and the Genomics of ASD RFA. We will also issue a call for projects that integrate the study of ASD-relevant behaviors across human and non-human species.

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