Headshot of SFARI Investigator Olivia Corradin.

Olivia Corradin, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Member, Whitehead Institute

SFARI Investigator Website

Olivia Corradin joined the Whitehead Institute as a fellow in July 2016. She became an institute member and assistant professor of biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2021.

Corradin’s lab is working to uncover the role of noncoding DNA variants in defining human disease pathogenesis and susceptibility. They address this goal through functional studies of the mechanisms by which multiple regulatory elements collude to define gene expression and by utilizing three-dimensional DNA organization to evaluate human genetic data. Their goals are fourfold: (1) enable the interpretation of noncoding variants by determining their functional consequences, (2) reveal the dynamics of enhancer-gene regulation that influence disease pathogenesis, (3) identify the clinical risk associated with gene regulatory circuit variation and (4) aid in the translation of disease-association into insights that benefit patient diagnosis, treatment and preventive care.

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