Malak Enayetallah

Research Assistant, SPARK


Malak Enayetallah joined the Simons Foundation in 2021 as a research assistant for SPARK (Simons Foundation Powering Autism Research). Enayetallah assists with numerous aspects of SPARK, including SFARI Base and resource distribution, Research Match, compliance, as well as operations. Her responsibilities include responding to inquiries from SFARI researchers and participants, organizing tasks related to the SFARI Research Match program, and various administrative tasks in support of several SFARI teams. Enayetallah also works on her own independent research; her most recent project involved completing a secondary analysis using pre-existing data in the SPARK database.

Enayetallah studied psychology and data science at New York University. In her time as an undergraduate, she conducted an independent research project looking at the effects of facial expressions in the context of game theory. She also worked on research in various labs exploring topics such as religiosity and music preference. Her research interests are in personality psychology and clinical psychology. Enayetallah plans to continue pursuing psychology by eventually completing a clinical psychology doctorate program.

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