Elina Coudroy

Elina Coudroy

2023 SURFiN Fellow, University of Bordeaux

Mentor: Senka Hadzibegovic (Frick Lab)

Elina Coudroy is a French undergraduate life sciences and a third-year student, at the University of Bordeaux, France. She moved around the globe throughout most of her childhood, having lived in Sana’a, Yemen; Lagos, Nigeria; Jakarta, Indonesia, and Dubai, the UAE. She finally came back to her hometown, Bordeaux, in 2017.

Elina has always loved biology and how the human body functions, so she initially pursued medicine with the hope to become a neurologist. However, after one year, she decided that she preferred doing research, so she switched majors to life sciences. Her dream is to become a neuroscientist, focusing on memory and emotions.

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