Cecilia Scaricamazza

2023 SURFiN Fellow, La Sapienza University of Rome

Mentor: Leiron Ferrarese (Asari Lab)

Cecilia Scaricamazza is currently a bachelor’s student in biology at La Sapienza University of Rome. Since approaching university studies, and thanks to her work experiences in organizing activities for psychomotor and social development of elementary school children, she has developed a strong interest in the behavioral and relational aspects of people. From her direct approach with people in her years of developmental neuropsychomotricity studies, she has developed a strong interest in what underlies perceptions and behaviours. Her strong interest in the mechanisms of the mind and the neuronal networks underlying it is one of the factors that prompted her to pursue studies in biology. From the university formation, she is determined to come out as prepared as possible for a career as a researcher in neuroscience.

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