Carolyn Komich-Hare headshot

Carolyn Komich-Hare, M.S., C.T.B.S.

Clinical Director, Autism BrainNet

Autism BrainNet

As the clinical director for Autism BrainNet, Carolyn Komich-Hare’s primary responsibility involves working directly with donor families, the informatics team and SFARI leadership with the goal of providing researchers (utilizing postmortem brain tissue) with the richest possible phenotypic information. Komich-Hare is also responsible for working closely with Autism BrainNet’s outreach team to coordinate volunteer opportunities for donor families. Finally, Komich-Hare is first on call for coordinating the donation process by responding to Autism BrainNet’s 24/7 hotline and ensuring that each donation is safely transported to the closest site.

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