Brenner Philbrook

Brenner Philbrook

2023 SURFiN Fellow, University of Washington

Mentor: Daniela Seczon (Murray Lab)

Brenner Philbrook is an undergraduate student studying physiology at the University of Washington. He is a Filipino American, first-generation college student that not only enjoys neuroscience but also takes pride in connecting with his culture and being involved in the healthcare field.

Driven by a passion for neuroscience, he is now involved in research that focuses on individuals with autism. Brenner enjoys working in research that is focused on the brain to improve accessibility for neurodivergent individuals. This sentiment was inspired by both volunteering events in which he had the privilege to work with people with autism, and some of his autistic family members.

Outside his studies, Brenner is an active member of the Filipino American Student Association, where he can connect with his culture. Moreover, he dedicates time to volunteering and working in healthcare to make a positive impact in the community.

With a dedication to academic excellence, Brenner is enthusiastic to continue making significant contributions to the fields of biology and neuroscience. As he progresses in his educational journey, his commitment to understanding and supporting neurodivergent individuals will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.

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