Anup Mankar, M.S.

Senior Data Product Manager


Anup Mankar joined the Simons Foundation in 2019 to be the inaugural hire into the SPARK (Simon Foundation Powering Autism Research) product team. As senior data product manager, Mankar helps to create a product that enables participants to learn more about themselves and participate in autism research while helping researchers to access SPARK participants and their data to further our understanding of autism. He does this by primarily being the driver of building software, from idea to concrete deliverable; towards this outcome, he does everything from helping to define and scope the vision for a piece of technology, roadmapping and executing a product strategy and iterating on the delivered product to improve core metrics to make sure that SPARK’s strategies are effective.

Before the Simons Foundation, Mankar worked at Ariadne Labs, a joint healthcare research venture at Harvard School of Public Health, where he served a similar role building tech platforms to enable large scale healthcare research. He holds a B.A. in economics from the University of California, Davis, and a master’s degree in data science from Harvard Extension School.

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