Amy Norovich, Ph.D.

Scientist, SFARI


Amy Norovich joined the Simons Foundation in 2023 as part of the team of scientists that manages SFARI’s autism grant portfolio. Her scientific interests include neurodevelopment, sensory neurobiology, sex differences and social behavior. She is responsible for managing SFARI’s zebrafish models resource.

Norovich earned her undergraduate degree in biology from MIT, where she worked in the laboratory of Frank Gertler, and her Ph.D. from Columbia University. She conducted her graduate work in the laboratory of the late Tom Jessell, where she studied mechanisms of sensory subtype specification during spinal circuit formation. As a postdoc with Andrés Bendesky, she developed Siamese fighting fish as a model for molecular and circuit neuroscience, with a particular focus on sex differences in aggression. Her postdoctoral work was supported by a Junior Fellowship in the Simons Society of Fellows and was recognized with a BRAIN Initiative K99/R00 award.

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