Subependymal zone function in autism spectrum disorder

  • Awarded: 2012
  • Award Type: Explorer
  • Award #: 249449

Several lines of evidence implicate the adult stem cell-containing subependymal zone (SEZ) in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The goal of this project is to determine if SEZ stem cells and neurogenesis are altered in ASD.

Francis Szele and his colleagues plan to perform immunohistochemical studies on postmortem tissue from individuals with ASD and controls.  The investigators will ask the following intersecting questions. Are SEZ stem cells and proliferation altered in ASD? Is ASD associated with increased SEZ neurogenesis or gliogenesis? Are SEZ migratory streams abnormal and is there ectopic emigration in ASD? These studies will be the first to systematically examine adult neurogenesis in ASD.

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