Director’s Letter

Welcome to, the website of the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative.

This website’s purpose is to support SFARI’s mission, which is to improve the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders by funding innovative research of the highest quality and relevance. will do this by clearly communicating our funding priorities and opportunities to the research community and by highlighting the work of our funded investigators and SFARI-funded publications. SFARI science staff will post regular informal updates helping to synthesize the significance of various areas of research that have important implications for our scientific understanding of autism.

Importantly, also serves as the online home for SFARI projects that provide key resources for the autism research community. These include large collections of individuals with autism or with specific genetic alterations — the Simons Simplex Collection (SSC), Simons Searchlight (formerly Simons VIP), Simons Foundation Powering Autism Research for Knowledge (SPARK) and the Autism Inpatient Collection (AIC) — as well as tools that enable researchers to keep track of the genetic risk factors for autism (SFARI Gene), autism mouserat and zebrafish models, induced pluripotent stem cell lines, postmortem brain tissue for autism research (Autism BrainNet) and biospecimens and data from our collections and sponsored research projects (SFARI Base).

We hope the information on this site will enable scientists from all disciplines to understand the challenges posed by these disorders, will help them identify opportunities to make a difference, and will facilitate new collaborations to advance autism-relevant projects and objectives.

The News & Opinion articles about autism that were previously housed on can now be found in an expanded format on a new site: This information was moved to emphasize and clarify the editorial independence of this journalistic content.

We are committed to supporting the best science internationally that addresses the many challenges posed by autism and related disorders, and we hope that is useful to you. The scientific staff and I welcome your input and your suggestions for new resources that will help advance autism research.


Kelsey C. Martin, M.D., Ph.D.

Director, SFARI
Director, Simons Foundation Neuroscience Collaborations

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