Note to SFARI Investigators regarding COVID-19 epidemic

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Dear Colleagues,

All of us at SFARI are aware that the COVID-19 epidemic may have a severely negative impact on your research. We are writing to assure you that the health and well-being of your lab members is very much in our minds and that we encourage you to do all that is necessary to maintain their health as we face this unprecedented challenge.

At SFARI, we realize that the epidemic may well slow or even halt your progress and want to assure you that, as the impact on your lab’s efforts becomes clearer, we will respond with empathy to help your lab survive the challenge and complete your research after the epidemic’s peak has passed.

We know that some universities have already responded to the epidemic by restricting activities of research staff by mandating cessation of experimental activities not essential for reagent preservation and animal care, as well as closing student housing and other communal facilities. We encourage you to keep your grant manager informed about the impact of the epidemic on the progress of your important SFARI project(s) [contact them directly or via [email protected]].

Most importantly, please do what is necessary to minimize the impact of this epidemic on the health and welfare of your lab members and their family members. Please also let them know that we are committed to their welfare and that, once this epidemic is behind us, we are confident in their ability to help us meet the challenge of autism through research.

With very best wishes to you all,

The SFARI Scientific and Grants Teams

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