SFARI Gene launches

The SFARI team is pleased to announce the launch of SFARI Gene, a new online tool for autism researchers.

This resource is designed to help investigators collect, annotate and visualize genes linked to autism spectrum disorders (ASD). SFARI Gene collects information from published literature. We rely on journal editors to weed out unreliable results. This information is available to all without charge.

SFARI Gene features a disease-driven database model where all genes connected to ASD are assembled from various genetic categories:

Candidates are identified from genetic association and linkage studies, rare single gene mutations, and genes linked to syndromic autism. Genes are richly annotated for their relevance to ASD, along with in-depth annotation providing current knowledge of gene functions. The main focus of this resource is to provide an up-to-date, annotated list of ASD candidate genes in the form of reference datasets. Our goal is to capture a comprehensive view of the rapidly evolving field of autism genetics.

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