Rishiraj Rana

Site Reliability and Data Engineer, Simons Foundation


Rishiraj Rana is an experienced IT engineer, with over a decade of experience in architecting, deploying, automating and maintaining complex cloud and on-premises systems. He has worked for a public-sector government project, a private sector financial organization, and a fast-paced startup environment in a variety of IT engineering and architecting roles before joining the Simons Foundation in 2017. Rana works with various teams at the foundation as a technology SME providing guidance and expertise in implementing multi-tiered, clustered and serverless infrastructure. He works as the data engineer and custodian for the vast collection of genetic datasets available from SFARI Collections and built the access framework to serve researchers around the globe. He also works on automation of IT operations, oversees security access controls for various technology resources, guides the adoption of infrastructure as code, performs infrastructure and application security audits and issues remediations, automates software deployments and provides internship mentoring.

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