Erica Jones, M.A.

Outreach Manager, Simons Searchlight

Simons Searchlight

Erica Jones holds an M.A. in communication with a concentration in integrated marketing communication from Suffolk University. She joined the Simons Foundation in 2020 after working as the director of institutional advancement at Somerville Media Center for nearly a decade. At Simons Searchlight, Jones is responsible for leading and overseeing the communications and outreach plan to help increase the impact and awareness of Simons Searchlight’s mission. Her professional career has been dedicated to the nonprofit, education and communications industries. Her work has focused on researching, building and coordinating programs that amplify untapped voices, causes and stories.

She is passionate about how storytelling and targeted messaging can create long-lasting impact and positive change. No matter which hat she’s wearing, her goal is simple — to empower and support organizations and thought leaders to drive measurable results through game-changing outreach campaigns, partnerships, relationship building, events and strategic communications initiatives.

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