Casey White-Lehman, M.A., M.S.

Senior Project Manager, Simons Simplex Collection and SFARI Cohorts, Simons Foundation


Casey White-Lehman supervises several research cohorts, including some that are registered with the Interactive Autism Network (IAN) and will be invited to join SPARK. As the SPARK cohort grows, White-Lehman will work with researchers who want to contact participants about additional research opportunities. Additionally, White-Lehman contributes to SPARK her experience with clinical sites, online research, and institutional review boards.

White-Lehman joined the Simons Foundation in 2011 as project manager of the Simons Simplex Collection, a cohort she still manages today. Previously, she served as a project manager at the University of Michigan, where she managed clinical research with Catherine Lord. White-Lehman’s education includes degrees in clinical and experimental psychology and biomedical science.

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